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Lead trainer Dante puchala pictured with arms crossed in front of a chalk board wearing a Keep It Movin' Fitness hat and shirt
Dante Puchala
Owner & Personal Trainer

Who We Are & What We’re About

Keep It Movin’ Fitness is a fitness community driven by results. The community is an embodiment of the motto tattooed on lead trainer Dante Puchala’s chest: Keep It Movin’

These words represent the ability to move past struggles and hardships so you can move forward towards your goals. Each member of the community comes to workouts and events determined to work hard and give it their all. Everyone can train like an athlete, but mindset and perseverance win the race.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Keep It Movin’ Fitness Fam?

When you cross the threshold at Keep It Movin’ Fitness you drop the excuses at the door. You check in with 100% focus and leave feeling accomplished, fit, and mentally motivated.

You have to show up and commit to an hour of self-work.

To get the results, you need to commit the whole way.

You only get better if you keep showing up and staying focused.

Dante’s Story

"I'm here to support and help you on your weight-loss and fitness journey. My goal is to provide the support you need to stay motivated and keep showing up for yourself. When you join our community, you become a member of the family. We're all here to help you at Keep It Movin’ Fitness"
Lead trainer Dante puchala pictured with arms crossed in front of a chalk board wearing a Keep It Movin' Fitness hat and shirt
- Dante P.
Keep It Movin' Fitness Owner
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The studio is open from 6-9 am and 3-9 pm M-F and 10 – 4:30 pm Sat Classes and 1:1 training hours are being added regularly as the community grows. Inquire about your desired time by booking your first session via the schedule link or contact us via the form on our homepage.
1:1 training clients can expect a workout tailored to their needs. The first session includes an assessment and workout plan. Each group workout class has a focus described in detail on our services page. Every workout is an all-body workout, however, some body parts will get a lot of extra work depending on which class you choose. Read the descriptions before booking your first class so you know what to expect.
Bring a small towel, water, and your stamina. Eating a light meal a few hours before your workout and drinking plenty of water are recommended. Planning to eat a light dinner after your workout is also advised.

Wear anything you are comfortable moving, jumping, and lifting in.
Sturdy athletic shoes are recommended, make sure you’re ready to move.

Yes, everyone is required to sign a waiver including a photo release prior to joining our community. You will be given a hard copy to sign at your first workout or class.
Scheduling your session through our website is the only form of payment currently being accepted. If you would like an invoice for a package or other options, please reach out.
Children must be at least 8 years old to workout at Keep It Movin’ Fitness.
Yes! We specialize in small group workouts for young athletes and teams. If you have at least 4 young people in your group, you will get a discounted rate. Use the form on our homepage to book.
We believe music fuels workouts. You’ll hear the latest hip hop, R&B, pop and more. Requests welcome.
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