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Keep It Movin’ Fitness offers a variety of fitness options for every member of your family. Through individual and group training, we optimize your health and wellbeing.

To reach your fitness goals all you have to do is show up and workout. We’ll do the rest for you.

Individualized 60-minute session

Individualized 60 minute session tailored to your fitness goals. First session includes a health assessment and fitness inventory. Following sessions build on your unique fitness routine developed from your individual assessment. Includes workouts, fitness recommendations, and tips on overall health and nutrition to support your fitness plan.
Dante Puchala personal trainer helps Montgomery County residents with 1:1 personal training

Stretch & decompression 1:1 session

Hands-on muscle manipulation, stretching, and joint mobility. Each session is designed to help you maximize your flexibility and myofascial release. Foam rolling, muscle gun, and hands-on body weight lengthening helps your body recover from the stress of your weekly workout routine.
Stretch and decompression 1:1 provides hands on assistance with Lead trainer Dante Puchala

Group Fitness Classes

60-minute small group trainer-led workouts for people who want serious fitness guided by a professional. Fun-filled community workouts that bring high-vibe people together to get fit. Come in, hit it hard, go home sweaty and mentally focused. Keep It Movin’ Fitness group classes are an urban vibe in the suburbs with serious beats and serious workouts.
women over 40 working out at a group fitness class performing bent over bicep extensions

Youth Sports Performance Training

Keep It Movin’ Fitness is open to serve young athletes in the Montgomery County, MD area. Parents love the confidence personal and small group training builds in their young athletes and can see the value in helping their children achieve.

Sports and physical activity have been shown to improve academic performance, physical fitness, and mental health. Keep It Movin’ fitness offers services that are unique to the MoCo, MD area. No other gym caters to young athletes and sports teams.

Train 1:1 with lead trainer Dante Puchala or train as a group with at least 4 youth. Parents can also book family sessions and train right with their children and spouse.

Reach out for more information, we’d love to see your family join our family.

youth fitness groups build confidence and skill with lead trainer Dante puchala showing four boys how to perform a warm-up exercise
“As an athlete, Dante and his training has been so helpful in bringing me to the next level in my gameplay. He has the best athlete-specific training in the business - I noticed my game performance and stats rising on the softball field after consistently training each week at Keep It Movin’ Fitness. He taught me to love the grind and always stay hungry. Without his training, I never would have committed to play D1 softball.”
- Genevieve G.

Group Class Schedule

tuesday fitness classes Glute Camp targets major muscle groups in the legs women pictured doing lateral leg extensions with purple bands


Glute Camp

Trying hard to build a booty on your own but not seeing the results? Glute camp is all about building a banging body by focusing on strong legs, glutes and lower body muscles. This 60-minute class improves strength and hip/joint mobility and function.

wednesday fitness class Cardio and Core helps burn calories for weight loss with lead trainer Dante Puchala pictured jumping and women jumping in the background


Cardio & Core

Mid-week mix up that proves anyone can train like an athlete. Build agility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance with a high-energy total body workout. Core & cardio are the backbone of your weekly workout routine. This 60-minute calorie burner turns up your cardiovascular fitness and stamina in between strength training sessions.

Thursday's Bunz and Gunz group fitness class targets common two problem areas women with barbells and workout bands


Bunz & Gunz

Want a full body workout that blasts your problem areas? Push yourself to the max while you strengthen major muscle groups. Improve your hip mobility and functionality by activating major and minor muscle groups in this 60 minute full-body workout.

saturday Bootcamp fitness classes women shown using the TRX for rows and woman performing sumo squat with a large weight



Keep It Movin’ Fitness classic multi-level strength and fitness workout community focused on consistency and motivation. This workout is designed for people who need weekend accountability and enjoy interval style workouts. Keep accountable with a fun and fierce workout community in this 60-minute session. (Includes outdoor workouts weather permitting)

stretch and recovery Lead trainer Dante Puchala providing hands on assist to stretch female gym member


Stretch & Recovery

Mobility class and active recovery with a dynamic workout and relaxing environment. This rotational and mobility-focused workout lengthens muscles while mobilizing hips and shoulders. Active recovery is an important part of your weekly workout routine with 60-minutes of effective muscle healing.

"Just keep going….I know it hurts but it's worth it. It’s YOU vs YOU."
- Denise M.
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