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Client Spotlight: Sherrie Piper

Keep It Movin Fitness Client Spotlight: Sherrie's Story

“After working with Dante I feel a WHOLE lot better about myself, and I am not afraid to tell my story. I walk with more confidence and my head is up, I no longer walk with my head down.” Sherrie, A Keep It Movin’ Fitness Family Member 

Starting a fitness journey is intimidating enough without the added pressure and stress of going at it alone. Dante and the Keep It Movin’ Fitness family are dedicated to supporting your goals and encouraging your transformation. You can find proof of our commitment by looking into the life and experience of one of our family members. 

Sherrie, who has stated she will “follow Dante anywhere” after working with him on her fitness goals, has undergone a transformation of her body and mind after working with Dante. Sherrie upgraded her mindset and commitment to keeping fitness in her life. She’s become a prominent member of the Keep It Movin’ Fitness family and says she will always be a member. In addition, she was recently able to STUNT at a family event late last year showing off her amazing results. 

Sherrie’s story will inspire you in more ways than one and hopefully encourage to take that next step and get it moving to the Keep It Movin Fitness gym to start your journey!

Here is Sherrie’s story.

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Weight Loss Support Near You

"Dante has been my trainer for a year and a half, and I have lost 45 pounds.
He is attentive and creates workouts that help meet your personal goals.
Through 1:1 training and small group classes, I have become stronger, gained more confidence, have the motivation to do things, and feel a lot healthier. If you are looking for a trainer and/or small group classes,
I highly recommend Keep It Movin’ Fitness to meet your fitness needs!"

Life Without Goal-Reaching Consistency

“I was ashamed of how I looked. I was in a dark place…” Sherrie, reflecting on her life before training with Dante. 

If you have ever had a challenging fitness goal, you can relate to not feeling the greatest when looking in the mirror. For Sherrie, she knew she needed to lose weight but found it challenging to commit to a routine that would produce her desired results. She, like most New years resolutioners, would start working out for a few weeks or a couple of months only to fall off and go right back to the same unhealthy habits before reaching her goals. She had attempted training sessions before, but the trainer never seemed committed to her personal transformation as an individual enough for her to dedicate to their training. 

Finally, a work photo opportunity gave Sherrie the push she needed to reach out to Dante for help. She and a group of her co-workers decided to take a group photo in jeans and a matching shirt, sounds simple enough, only Sherrie had a challenge fitting into and feeling comfortable in her jeans. She decided then to make a change and try the Group Bootcamp Dante offered on Saturdays but quickly realized she needed a little bit more work to achieve her goals. Dante suggested a one-on-one session and afterward, Sherrie admitted the session “was the best personal training session” she had ever experienced. Dante asked her up front what he could help her achieve and went to work! She left the session sore and sweaty, but ready to dedicate herself to her transformation. Sherrie knew that if she wanted to see a change she needed to commit to “working on Sherrie”.

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A Trainer in Gaithersburg, MD Dedicated to Your Goals

When Sherrie was ready to commit, Dante was standing right next to her ready to put in the work. They created a schedule that included her Saturday boot camp attendance while adding in two days a week of personal training. Sherrie reflects that Dante was always a “flexible and patient” trainer, working with her schedule to ensure she is able to get a good workout in and will keep making progress. Dante cared about her progress and showed he was determined to help her reach her goals With Dante and the Keep it Movin’ Fitness family, Sherrie felt as though she finally got what she was missing from her trainer. That push to keep going despite how hard it was, but also a partner who is dedicated to her goals personally. Someone who listened to what she was trying to accomplish and tailored a plan to reach her goals. Dante put in the time and research needed to provide Sherrie with tips for her nutrition and help with her overall eating habits and goals. He became a true partner in the plan to build a new Sherrie and pushed her to get it.

Before working with Dante, Sherrie struggled to make the time to work out.  She would tell herself she was tired, or got distracted by other tasks rather than completing her workout. After working with Dante she benched the excuses for a determined attitude toward her goal. Sherrie states that working with Dante gives her energy, she “can go to the gym exhausted and after the workout feel refreshed”. 

As a trainer, Dante pushes you past your limits and encourages long-term lifestyle change, no half-steppin’ or slackin’!

The Keep It Movin’ Fitness Difference

“At the beginning, I hated him *laughs*  because he pushed me past my limits. Dante gives you the tough love you need  to reach the goal” –Sherrie

He won’t let you stop. You’re not going to quit. At Keep It Movin’ Fitness you finally found a partner in your fitness journey who will treat you like the athlete that you are. Sherrie reflects on how Dante pushed her past what she believed she could do and showed her what she is capable of. The workouts not only produced a physical change to her body, but they also produced a change to her overall mindset revolving around fitness. Sherrie reflects that her “mindset is totally different now”, her mindset with eating has completely changed as she is now more aware of what she should and should not be eating. Dante helped her achieve her physical goals and her health goals.

One of Sherrie goals was trying to get off the blood pressure medicine. Dante helped her by telling her what is good for her to eat, and became her accountability partner who would “get on her about not eating enough protein”. He would text her healthy choices and check in with her frequently to ensure she was staying on track. Dante’s reach as a trainer goes beyond the gym to help you reach your lifestyle goals. At Keep It Movin’ Fitness its about your overall development, and more than just your physical appearance.

“Thank you for saving me. Getting me out of that dark place and helping me You really saved my life. Thank you for your patience and flexibility. Thank you for showing how committed you are to helping me on my journey. Thank you for being there.”

Moving Forward With Keep It Movin’ Fitness

Working with Dante changed Sherrie both physically and mentally. Working out has become a part of her lifestyle, something that she just does. She no longer thinks so negatively about herself and has more confidence. Sherrie has gone from barely making a workout to training like the athlete she was meant to be. In fact, Sherrie will be participating in her very first 5K this year all as a result of her dedication to her transformation and partnership with Dante. 

Sherrie is loyal to Dante and his Keep It Moving Fitness movement and states she will always trust her fitness needs in the hands of Dante.

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