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Join Us for the Best Fitness Classes and Personal Training in Montgomery County, MD

Keep It Movin’ fitness wants to help you train like the athlete you always wanted to be. Keep It Movin’ Fitness offers multiple outlets to help you reach your fitness goals and become the person you want to be! 

Our training styles are geared towards getting you your desired results! We aren’t here to play around or let hardships stop us. We are here to reach goals, break barriers, and overcome what seemed impossible. We offer group fitness classes that focus on everything the body needs from cardio, to strength training. We target problem areas while promoting increased flexibility, and so much more! Our workouts aren’t to be taken lightly, you will push yourself, and you’ll feel like you’re one step closer to your goals after each workout.

A New Fitness Vibe in Montgomery County, MD

From the moment you walk in the doors of the Keep It Movin’ Fitness studio you step into a safe space to let your fitness dreams run wild. Located right in your neighborhood of Gaithersburg,MD Keep It Movin Fitness is your new home gym. Dante, his team, and the Keep It Movin’ family are all there to support and encourage you to push past the struggles and go beast mode in your workouts. 

We offer one-on-one training sessions, stretch and decompression one-on-one sessions, and group training classes. All of our services are paired with knowledgeable trainers, fitness and health tools to help you reach your goals, and nutrition tips to help maximize your results. It’s not just about the workout, it’s about the education, and the specific care towards your goals. Enough is enough of the gyms and trainers that don’t take the time and care to match the person to the fitness plan. That’s the Keep It Movin’ difference, you’re family when you work out here, family that won’t leave you hangin’ as you pursue your fitness goals.

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Dante decided that enough was enough, tired of the limitations, he left the commercialized world to head out on his own. He set out to build a fitness community where you can be yourself and push yourself beyond your limits with tons of support. He created a space where his clients can just be themselves, listen to the music they like, look the way they want, talk how they want to talk, and be their own individual selves while getting the workout of their lives. 

Dante is a versatile trainer who can work with a wide range of clients, including students, working moms, and athletes wanting to grow their strength and skill. Dante believes in providing a challenging workout and educating his clients to make the best choices while adding a mental health focus. Dante and his Keep It Movin’ Fitness family are here to educate and support you on your fitness journey.

I’ve been working with Dante for 4 years and as a high school athlete fitness is a priority. Not only and he helped me gain a stronger body and mind, but he’s helped me safely navigate injuries while maintaining my strength. He’s got 10/10 music too.
-J. Tisaran, Youth Athlete

Family-Friendly and Great for Busy Professionals

We are bringing an urban vibe to the suburbs with a challenging workout in a fun family-friendly environment. The studio offers highly inspirational energy to Kentlands community. Keep It Movin’ fitness will channel your inner athlete with one of our unique fitness services. 

Our one-on-one training sessions give you access to a trainer who will push you towards your results, educate you to make the best choices, and make sure you’re having fun while doing it. Dante takes his time with your goals, getting to know the person beyond the client. He starts with a health assessment and fitness inventory to tailor a workout plan that is specific for you. 

Lead trainer Dante Puchala is passionate and flexible offering before work sessions, evening sessions, and packaged workout plans. If you are serious about the work, he will show up and show out for you, you can believe that! He will become your big brother, trainer, and accountability partner helping you to reach short-term and long-term goals.

“I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with keep it movin fitness. I have gained the passion for working out again and I am very pleased with my results not only physically but also mentally. I use fitness as an outlet to relieve the daily stress. Dante makes the classes fun and even when I am too tired or sleepy his upbeat energy motivates me to give my all in my workouts. I would certainly recommend trying his classes, you will want to keep coming back to keep it movin fitness.”
-Roselyn Melgar

Total Body Workouts Offered Daily

Keep It Movin’ Fitness focuses on flexibility and stretching which many gyms leave you to do on your own. The Stretch and Decompression one-on-one session is made to restore the muscles after an intense workout, while also increasing flexibility. Hands-on muscle manipulation, stretching, and joint mobility sessions are used to optimize your body’s flexibility potential. With these sessions we hope to help reduce stress and barriers to help you achieve peak performance in your physical and mental health. We can’t short change the body, when you come to Keep It Movin’ fitness we’re giving you a full body workout, period. 


In addition to the one-on-one training sessions, our group fitness classes are where the Keep It Movin’ Fitness family thrives. This isn’t your typical workout class, Dante is a high energy trainer who will push you to keep going and to reach for your goals. The Keep It Movin’ fitness studio members are no different. Dante states proudly that he and his members “give each other energy” and keep each other going. The vibe keeps you smiling while you sweat and work off your stress. When you join the Keep It Movin’ Fitness family in a group class you officially enter the greatest accountability group you could ask for.

Get Accountability and Motivation for Your Health Journey

It’s not just the training that makes Keep It Movin Fitness a perfect studio gym, it’s the people. The clients who fill the space of Keep It Movin’ fitness are one of a kind, and just the type of fitness family you are looking for. 


The community attracts a vibrant group of people in the Montgomery County, MD area. From professional women of color, to youth athletes, everyone in the family is determined to excel in their physical and mental fitness. Keep It Movin’ Fitness welcomes families to workout together with the goal of keeping the youth engaged in their fitness and building the opportunity for everyone in the family to reaching their fitness dreams. 


Even if youth don’t play sports at a competitive level, youth still benefit from having the mentorship of a trainer who will help them grow their confidence and physical fitness. For youth who are interested in sports training to uplevel their skills for a specific sport, Keep It Movin’ Fitness offers group and individual athletic performance training.

Ready To Take Your fitness goals seriously?

Contact us today and begin a new chapter in your health journey. Break out of the big-commercial gym life, there’s no need to take on your fitness journey alone. Dante and his team are waiting on you and will help you reach your goals.

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