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Who is Dante Puchala?

Dante’s Origin Story

Lead trainer Dante puchala pictured with arms crossed in front of a chalk board wearing a Keep It Movin' Fitness hat and shirt

Dante recalls his childhood, growing up in the Montgomery County MD community. While his upbringing had its ups and downs, he and his family always kept their toes to the ground and kept it pushing no matter the adversities.  

As the founder of Keep It Movin’ Fitness, Dante believes in encouraging his clients to push through all hardships and any struggles to reach their goals. He isn’t a trainer who gives a cookie cutter workout, he strives to create a workout that will help to reach your specific fitness dreams. His passion for individualism and perseverance comes directly from his experience as a youth growing up in the Gaithersburg area. The Keep It Movin’ Fitness story is one that will help you understand why this boutique fitness studio is your new home for achieving your fitness goals.

Dante is a trainer that knows how it is and knows life doesn’t always give you an easy path. It’s not easy making it on a limited or fixed income where just enough, ain’t really enough, and everyday presents new challenges. Dante Puchala learned early that quitting was never an option if you are going to survive.

Strong Mentors Create Strong People

He learned this from the best source he could, two powerhouses that make overcoming adversities look as possible as breathing, his mom and grandmother. His mother encouraged him through the toughest times. Dante’s grandmother is a cancer survivor who is so powerful that she would not even let a cancer diagnosis stop her. While medical reports told her to quit, she kept on pushing, and is now the other face of Keep It Movin’ fitness. Dantes’ clients know his grandmother because she’s a pillar of the workout family.

Dantes’ tenacity towards helping his clients reach their fitness goals relates back to his upbringing where his mother and grandmother wouldn’t let him quit no matter what. They showed him what it means to keep it movin’ towards your goals even when life gets hard. That work ethic is instilled in him and encourages him to create the personalized training experience he offers his clients today. It is more than a workout, it’s a lifestyle, a chance to join a family for your fitness.

Join a Workout Studio and Gain a Family

Keep It Movin’ Fitness is a family, and a completely different vibe from the big gym life. Dante worked as a personal trainer for a big commercialized gym before starting his studio. When Dante worked in big gyms, he was often scrutinized for his individualism. He’d face comments and criticism about the music he works out to or the type of clients he attracted.

His clients didn’t necessarily fit in at a traditional gym. High school students who spent their time training instead of on the streets. Or youthful working moms who still vibe to rap music. These clients needed a place where they can truly be themselves and participate in workouts that fit their needs. 

Dante reached his limits as a trainer and couldn’t provide the environment and experience he wanted for his client’s success. That’s why Keep It Movin’ Fitness was created to be the only fitness studio in your area unlimited by big gym standards. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you come to work, and stay committed you can reach the transformation you’re looking for. Dante and Keep It Movin’ Fitness are here to make sure you  train like the athlete you always knew you could be.

Leave it at the door- whatever you have going on before you got here doesn’t matter for this one-hour. You have to show up and commit to this hour of self-work. To get the results, you need to commit the whole way. You only get better if you keep showing up and stay focused.”
Dante Puchala

Results-Focused Training

Dante strives to provide great results, and give you a training session that will educate and guide you to making the best choices for your fitness and health goals. If you show up and put in the work, Dante will partner with you to take you far in your fitness journey. As a trainer he becomes more like your big brother. He guides you on your fitness journey by pushing you to reach new limits, and giving you that kick whenever you need it. 

Dante enjoys working with a variety of clients, and has a passion for working with youth. Instead of spending their time potentially getting into trouble, Dante encourages youth to spend time developing their body, mind, and spirits. Dante helps young athletes form their sense of self through physical activity and dedicated work.

Clients describe Dante as a “trainer that truly cares”  and that focuses on aspects of fitness aspects that most other trainers would forget. Like the importance of stretching your muscles before and after a workout, or including a focus on mental health in addition to the physical and strength training. 

Dante strives to educate his clients and push them past their limits each session. He is a trainer that will not allow you to give up on yourself, no matter what you’ve had goin’ on before coming to the studio. He will still guide you through a great workout. He loves what he does and the people who connect with him can tell.

Bring Your Family to Join Our Family

     With the words “Keep It Movin” tatted on his chest, Dante is embodying the work ethic that was displayed by his mother and grandmother. He’s created a fitness studio right in your neighborhood where you can feel the support of family while crushing your workout goals. It might not be easy, you may face a challenge during your fitness journey, but with Keep It Movin’ Fitness as your fitness studio you won’t face those challenges alone. 

With Dante as your trainer you know that giving up on you is never an option.

Welcome Home.

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