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Workout in the Gym Alternative Right in Your Neighborhood: The Kentlands- Gaithersburg, MD!

It’s time to get on your grind and join your fitness family. Keep It Movin’ Fitness is here and ready to get the Montgomery County MD community fit and healthy. Locally grown, raised, and inspired, here to offer a more personalized touch to your fitness and wellness goals. If you are ready to put in the work, Dante is ready to help you succeed. No excuses, no quitting, we keep it pushing towards your goals no matter what challenges you are facing, we are here for your success at Keep It Movin’ Fitness! 

Take the limitations off your workout. Training like an athlete is possible for anyone who has the right attitude and the right support. More and more people are realizing that the big, commercial gyms aren’t making them feel supported, they are making them feel invisible. Commercialized gyms focus on making a space for everyone and no one specifically. 

What if you want a little bounce in your music? Or a trainer you can cut up with before a workout? What if you need someone to look past the career, parenting, and every day hustle and bustle to see the athlete beneath? 

Then the commercial gym is not the place for you, a boutique gym with a personalized touch is. Keep It Movin’ fitness and your trainer/big brother Dante is where you belong! The focus of Keep It Movin’ fitness challenges you to workout while having fun, being an individual, and getting to your goals. Keep It Movin’ Fitness is your new home gym in the Kentlands. A place for you feel welcomed to get your sweat on. 

Big Box Gyms Can’t Deliver Weightloss AND Support- We Can!

Dante Puchala is the type of trainer you want in your corner helping you achieve your wildest fitness dreams. He knows how it feels to be lost in the sauce of the big commercialized gym environment. Dante worked in big box gyms for years and wanted more for himself and his clients. He decided to stop being silenced and shrinking himself to reach the big gym’s standards. 

Dante connects with clients and creates an environment of individualism within his workouts. He found his clientele was scrutinized at big gyms because of who they are. His clients are often youthful, unconventional, every day workers, who might still be in school, listen to rap music, say a cuss word or two, and laugh throughout a workout. 

Lead Trainer Dante Puchala assists a client with hands-on stretching and muscle decompression.

Dante decided that enough was enough, tired of the limitations, he left the commercialized world to head out on his own. He set out to build a fitness community where you can be yourself and push yourself beyond your limits with tons of support. He created a space where his clients can just be themselves, listen to the music they like, look the way they want, talk how they want to talk, and be their own individual selves while getting the workout of their lives. 

Dante is a versatile trainer who can work with a wide range of clients, including students, working moms, and athletes wanting to grow their strength and skill. Dante believes in providing a challenging workout and educating his clients to make the best choices while adding a mental health focus. Dante and his Keep It Movin’ Fitness family are here to educate and support you on your fitness journey.

“There is a sense of community there. Dante’s gym is inviting, warm, and homey. Most gyms offer state of the art, but lack an actual community. Most gyms' staff are not pleasant & don't care about the clients. Keep It Movin’ Fitness is different just by how Dante interacts with his clients on the regular.”
Crys, Keep It Movin’ Fitness Member

Local Gym Near You Without Big Gym Vibes

Right in your neighborhood of Gaithersburg is your new fitness studio. Clients are leaving their big gyms to come to a boutique gym nearby their home or work. This is a place where you can feel cared for and like someone is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. At Keep It Movin’ Fitness, it is more than just a gym, it is a family. A community of people just like you trying to get their fitness lives together and create their dream body. 

There is no trainer better than Dante to help tap into his clients inner athlete and help to shatter the ceilings of his clients fitness potential. Dante uses a hands on approach, he won’t let you quit, he won’t let you stop, but he will show you what you are made of. 

Dante believes his members made the gym and created a family environment where everyone thrives. The vibes of Keep It Movin’ fitness is that of a family, full of support, keepin’ it real, and pushing forward. 

“Keep It Movin’ Fitness is more personalized and tailored to the individual. It seems to me a lot of the commercial gyms have a set training standard/regimen they like to use, no matter who the client is or what their goals are.”
Mike, Keep It Movin’ Fitness member

Be Ready to Work

When you workout at Keep It Movin’ Fitness fitness studio you better be ready to put in the work. Yeah, you’ll laugh and be encouraged, but you’ll also be pushed to your limits and shock yourself at what you are able to do. Keep It Movin’ offers group classes, personal training, and a fitness studio near you in the Montgomery County area.

Dantes’ training style challenges you, educates you, and keeps you focused on your mental health. When you workout with him you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel like you’re working and making progress all while learning and growing. Enhance your physical and mental health by diving into one of the many services offered. Whether you thrive in group fitness classes, want to increase your flexibility and mobility, or want to work one-on-one with a personal trainer near you who will keep you accountable for your goals.

Keep It Movin’ Fitness offers group fitness classes and personal training in your area to help you get the results you are looking for.


Women working out at Keep It Movin' Fitness in Gaithersburg, MD during group class targeting glutes

Join the fam

Join a family that will keep pushing you to reach your goals and encourage you not to quit no matter how hard it gets. Your success is worth it and Dante Puchala wants to help you get there! 

At Keep It Movin’ Fitness you’ll get a challenging workout and gain an educated trainer who will keep you on track while giving you a fun workout at the same time. Dante creates a boutique fitness experience, that will break you away from the oversized and broad gyms to bring you to a more personalized fitness experience. The studio experience at Keep It Movin’ fitness offers a more individualized touch that helps you maximize results both physically and mentally.

Come experience the difference of boutique performance fitness where you are encouraged and inspired even beyond your physical goals. Keep It Movin’ Fitness is your new personal fitness gym in the Kentlands where we help you to keep moving toward your success no matter how tough things may seem. Connect with us and let us help you commit to yourself and your goals today!

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